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    Does James Contradict Paul Empty Does James Contradict Paul

    Post  Chelsea on Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:54 pm

    In the Mark Hall James Bible Study, we reach James 2:14-24 (not sure if that's exactly where that ended). Anyway, it's a passage that has caused much debate on the whole "faith vs works" topic. At the end, Mark suggested a sermon by John Piper called "Does James Contradict Paul?"

    The title really drew me because on the surface level it does appear that they contradict each other. In fact, they both use Abraham to prove what looks like opposite opinions. Since I firmly stand that the Bible never contradicts itself, this was a topic of interest to me.

    The sermon is really good. I think John Piper did an excellent job of synthesizing the messages of Paul and James. It's about a 45 minute sermon but it's definitely worth it.

    Does James Contradict Paul? by John Piper

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