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    Evangelicals, Mormons Search for Common Ground


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    Evangelicals, Mormons Search for Common Ground Empty Evangelicals, Mormons Search for Common Ground

    Post  Eric on Sat Mar 12, 2011 10:52 pm

    Via The Christian Post. This raises the issue of Mormons and to what extent they are Christian. This is an important issue facing Christians in the United States (and likely eventually in the rest of the world). I have personally long not addressed the real meat of this issue. I’ve said that I’ve never met a Mormon I didn’t like, which is probably partially attributable to the fact that I’ve never met Harry Reid, but more broadly the group as a whole is full of decent, moral people who evangelize and take good care of their families and just act like good Christians should. (As an aside, they vote like us, too: Evangelicals are famously the most Republican major demographic group, and a Mormon official once felt he needed to clarify publicly that voting Republican is not in fact a tenant of the LDS church.) I recognize, though, as the critic Dr. Mohler points out in the article, that does not make them Christian. The particulars of their theology, of which my understanding is quite limited, are surely defining factors.

    Anyway, thoughts?

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