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    Post  Chelsea on Sun Mar 06, 2011 1:48 am

    A new tab has been added for the Bible studies. Clicking on the tab will direct you to a general page for the Bible Studies (which does have important information). Clicking on one of the dropdown options will take you to a page with information regarding news and such about the individual day's Bible Studies (ie: if we're going through a certain book of the Bible, canceling a specific meeting, changing the location, etc). Check it out. I'm willing to start this Monday so long as I get at least one confirmation.

    (Note: The content of the "Bible Studies" tabs are very incomplete. I did this in about ten minutes, so forgive missing information, typos, and the like. All that will get fixed as I have the time, but I wanted to get the core content up.)

    Also, so people don't think I've forgotten, I'll set up something to organize a viewing of "Letters to God" in the next couple of days.

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