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    Post  Chelsea on Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:29 am

    So, I got rid of the "Discussion" Tab (and so there is no more link to the Google Group, but it's still there in case we need it later for whatever reason). But that's not the exciting part (I'm excited).

    I set up a forum - I mentioned yesterday that I was working on it. I think this will be a great way for all of us to maintain that "spiritual permanence" over the course of the month and really grow in our relationships with each other as well as with God. I encourage everyone to take full advantage of this site/forum. God is only going to change you if you meet Him part way, so don't pass up an awesome opportunity like this.

    I'll give you all a brief walk-through (keep in mind some of this may change very rapidly as I discover what does and does not work, what's missing, what's unnecessary, etc.). The News section will basically just be copies of the News posts for the website. That way you can comment on them and such.

    Next, is the "Share" section. Here you can post things you find interesting and it sets up a nice organized way for us to discuss it - let me know if you think we need another category added to this section. What I'd really like to draw you attention to (and I find this very important) is the "Discipleship Techniques" section. There is a little description on it already, but what it is, in a nutshell, is a means to compare notes and exchange knowledge/experience. If you're really struggling with something in your walk with God (say you find that you can't really "get into" prayer) make a post asking what everyone does to overcome this in their own walk.

    The next section is, in my opinion, the most important part of the forum (so please read this). This "Devotions/Contemplations" section is set up so each person has an opportunity to express their own ideas and thoughts about God, the Word, etc. I encourage everyone to post something in this at least once a week, though I'm not going to keep track of if you do or hold it against you if you don't. The whole purpose with this forum, with this group really, is to give everyone as many possible options and opportunities to draw closer to God. It's up to you whether or not you take advantage of them. I could go on about why I think this is important, but I'll spare you all - if you're really interested, PM me. Each person has their own category in this. Once you register for an account - and I recognize the fact that you have registered - I'll set you up as a moderator on your category. This will allow you to manage your mini-forum. Only you will be able to start a new topic in that category - though others can reply to it. NOTE: The topics/posts in this section can only be viewed by registered members, so it's not like just anyone can access this. If anyone really wants me to remove their category, I can do so, just let me know.

    The Miscellaneous section is mainly logistical. Suggestions for LD, for the website/forum, and any questions regarding how the forum works or about LD can go there.

    (That wasn't very brief, was it?)

    Oh well, I'll probably move the Prayer/Praise section to the forum and remove it from the site (again, that'd be something that only registered members would be able to see). As well, I think I want to set up the Archive in the forum - in addition to it being on the site. That way we can discuss those. But all that will come in due time. Meanwhile, I hope everyone will take advantage of this forum - I plan to - and to read the doc I placed on the Facebook page last night (My Heart's Burden). Also, vote on a devotional book. You have through tomorrow.

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