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    Post  Chelsea on Thu Feb 10, 2011 7:28 pm

    This was a suggestion made by Jason. I really liked it, so I incorporated it into my own worship and it has proved to be really valuable.

    Jason encouraged us to remember that each worship song you sing is basically a pray. When you sing, are you paying attention to what you're saying to God or do you zone out and think about other things because you know the song so well you don't have to think about it to sing it? More importantly, do you mean what you say? Hillsong's "Hosanna" says "Everything I am for Your kingdom's cause" When singing that in church (or something similar to that) do you really mean it or are you lying to God? When a song says that we're worshiping "with lifted hands," are yours shoved in your pockets? John 4:23 says to worship "in Spirit and truth."

    I'm not saying this to be accusatory or anything. When Jason started talking about this, it caused me to reevaluate the way I worship. I found that I wanted to tell God "I give my life to follow/Everything I believe in/Now I surrender" (Hillsong's "Mighty to Save") but I couldn't honestly. As a result, I began changing my life to fit those words, because I wanted to be able to come before my God and praise His name in spirit and truth.

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