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    New Site Design! Empty New Site Design!

    Post  Chelsea on Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:33 am

    As you can (hopefully) see, the website has a new background design and logo. These are both courtesy of Nicole and her awesome digital art skills. I'll be changing up fonts and such in the next few days, so give me some time before you start pointing out that things are hard to read.

    Also, since it's going to be hard for everyone to get The Me I Want to Be and have a discussable portion read in the next two weeks (and I certainly don't need the pressure of coming up with a schedule), we're just going to start it in March. Still, I'll try to get a reading schedule up fairly soon and feel free to discuss any part in the forum at any time. You can do so here.

    Also also, Breakout tomorrow night. 6:30 PM. Skyline Church. Fourth Floor. Jason is doing a really awesome series. If you're free, it's definitely worth being there for.

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