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    Post  Chelsea on Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:17 pm

    There is still a lot of work to be done on this, but I wanted it to be available to everyone, so they could at least look at it. The layout, typography, template, etc are probably all temporary, but I was looking to get the basic idea down before I tried to make it look nice. That said, I apologize for any typos or terribly worded descriptions. I assure you those will be fixed at a later date. Anyway, general overview of the site (as it stands at this moment):

    The homepage. Not much else to say. I'll probably use this little announcement thingy every now and then, so you might want to check it occasionally - and I'm hoping there is some way to comment on these that will magically appear when I post this (Note: Google sites are terribly uninteractive). I'll probably post Sky94/Alliance/Breakout/etc. information on this too.

    This is just basic info/updates on meetings. It also has the speaker list.

    I know we're doing the more personal prayer request thing, but I wanted another forum to at least be available if there was something you really needed everyone to pray about. It doesn't have to just be about you - whatever is weighing heavy on your heart, basically. There is also a praise section. When a prayer is answered, please post it there. If nothing else, I'd like to know.
    (And "cross fingers" I hope the lists actually work. If you can't add anything to them, let me know and I'll do my best to figure something else out. I think you have to have a gmail in order to do it - sorry, if that means you have to make one.)

    The best thing I could do forum-wise was to create a Google group and have it link there. The page has a link to the group so you can join it. There you can share anything you find on the internet and feel like posting. Also, if you want to say anything (like what you'd post in a note on Facebook) that could go there too. Or you could put it in a note on Facebook and then link it there.

    It could end up that Juan's note is the only thing that ever goes on there. If anyone wants to follow suit and write up their message - I know we don't have a lot of time at LD so there is probably more you'd like to add - I'll post it in the Archive when the time comes around.

    I'll most likely add more Tabs. In fact, I'll most likely at and About section before calling it quits for the night, but we'll see. I hope everyone takes advantage of this site (despite its very limited interactive capabilities) to maintain that "spiritual permanence" we talked about yesterday.

    OH, and I can still change the URL and everything, so this doesn't mean the name "Leaving Different" has to be permanent.

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