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    Post  Chelsea on Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:38 pm

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    This article got me thinking. I've always struggled with where the "line" is. Where do my moral standards end and the evils of society I just have to be "tolerant" of begin? It seems like society keeps trying to push that line further and further in its favor.

    At SDSU, I was recently stopped by a guy with a clipboard, asking me if I supported gay marriage. I said no. When he asked why, I explained my reasons. He claimed to be a Christian as well, but that he could differentiate between "state marriage" and "church marriage." We continued to have a very pleasant conversation on the matter and then I left for class. It was actually one of the best discussions I've had on the topic in a very long time. Normally, these conversations get way out of hand, but with a complete stranger I was able to have a great discussion. (But that's a different story).

    Equality is a weird concept. Really, as long as people have morally opposite ideas, equality is impossible. Where do we, as Christians, draw the line? When do we start standing for Truth and on what matters do we just have to realize that not all society will follow Christ and we just have to accept it? Forcing our doctrine on people - a doctrine that can't even be agreed upon by all Christians - is the opposite of what Christ calls us to. Then again, so is getting swept away by immorality. How do we prevent the downfall of a generation - and keep our neighbors from drowning in a sinful society - without creating a theological dictatorship where no one can come to Christ because no one has another option?

    I have ideas on the matter, but I'm more interested to hear what everyone else has to say on the topic.

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    Post  Obijuan on Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:15 pm

    Well I to have problems figuring out where to draw the line. One thing I would like to point out on society is that we can't base it on what we see some times. For instance you seen a person driving on the freeway very fast weaving through traffic, we would assume that he is just a jerk driver but what if there was reason behind it? What if one of his family members is in the hospital close to death? We see only brief instances of people lives and we assume the worst. I am not saying this will always be the case nor does it make it legal or right but its just something to think about. If we can get past these little things that possibly makes us angry maybe the morality line is pushed farther in our favor.

    As far as bringing everyone to God, I think it starts with bringing all Christians together as one. I know it seems crazy but one massive group working together gets a lot more done than a bunch of small groups trying to get the same thing done in a bunch of different ways.

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